Intelligent Ignorance

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One of mans greatest weaknesses is the familiarity the average man has with the word "impossible." We know all the reasons why we can't do something but very few of the reasons why we can. We focus on the negative. Whether you believe you can do it or not you're right. Your thoughts are transmuted into their physical counterparts and become a self fulfilling prophecy.

My father always used to tell me from the time I was a little child that "There is no such word as can't." He Ingrained it on my subconscious from an early age. Research shows that by the time you're 17 you have been told 150,000 times "No you can't do it" and only 5,000 times "Yes, you can". No wonder we grow up with self confidence issues.

Research in America showed that 20% of those entering the school system had entrepreneurial skills but only 1% of those leaving still possessed these skills. Our education system was designed in the industrial revolution to produce factory workers and soldiers. It is woefully inadequate in many respects to meet the challenges of the modern global village high tech world in which we live.

Here's a story that I love:

According to the theory of aerodynamics the bumble bee cannot fly.
This can be proved in a wind tunnel.
Its body shape and its weight to wing span ratio make flight impossible.
Yet the bumble bee being ignorant of this fact flies anyway.
And makes a little honey along the way.

It's called "Intelligent Ignorance" and I think you get my drift. If someone had informed the bumble bee it couldn't fly and convinced him of the fact it would no longer be able to fly.

There are two types of people ion this world; those that will tell you that you cannot succeed and those that are afraid that you will. We call them dream takers. They are to be avoided like the plague.

Success belongs to those who become success conscious. Believe in yourself and back yourself to win; nobody else will. Choose not to lose.

When you feel those pangs of doubt as to whether you have bitten off more than you can chew remember the humble bumble bee. Intelligent ignorance - it should be a compulsory course on any school curriculum.

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Intelligent Ignorance

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This article was published on 2011/05/14