Beechwood Bees Beekeeping Supplies : The beekeepers choice.

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Beechwood Bees beekeeping supplies is a Norfolk based company who specialize in the supply of quality and affordable goods for beekeepers. Over the past few years Beechwood Bees has grown to a country wide operation.

Starting in a small backyard workshop in Norfolk, Beechwood Bees grew a reputation for producing quality and affordable beehives for local beekeepers. Being passionate about the welfare of the honey bee as well as providing old fashioned quality customer service, word and demand increased. Today Beechwood Bees have moved to a larger manufacturing plant and have increased storage facilities which helps them meet the demand from consumers.

As with all growing business, Beechwood Bees over the years branched into supply of not only beehives, but also Beekeeping accessories. Being known as a leading supplier of quality beekeeping supplies has helped secure their hives in Beekeepers apiaries across the country. Beechwood Bees business now includes the supply of beekeepers smokers, hive tools, honey extractors, queen excluders, honey strainers, national beehives, top bar beehives, uncapping forks, varroa floors, national roofs, crown boards, frames, bee brushes, beekeeping books and DVD’s.

All good beekeeping supplies outlets not only provide beehives, but also a range of medicines and remedies for bee colonies. Beechwood Bees are registered to stock the ever popular market leader in the fight against varroa, Apiguard. Stocking a good range of bee medicines is key to providing customers with a choice, be it Organic, or chemical treatment needed. Customers of Beechwood bees can chose from a wide range of bee medicine brands including Vitafeed green, Beevital hive clean, Vitafeed gold, Beevital chalk brood, Nozevit, Varroa gard and many more.

Beechwood Bees have been supplying expert and beginner beekeepers alike with a wide range of quality equipment. Shopping on their website is easy and secure and delivery countrywide is cheap, fast and efficient.

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Beechwood Bees Beekeeping Supplies : The beekeepers choice.

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This article was published on 2010/10/18